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The Verge: Wakanda Reborn

How Ta-Nehisi Coates re-envisioned the fictional African nation of Wakanda for the Black Panther series.

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Vox: Evaluating Trump’s first 100 days — on his own terms

Evaluating Trump’s accomplishments against the 30 things he promised to do in the first 100 days.

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Racked: Which brands have dropped Ivanka Trump’s brands so far?

Tracking the stores dropping Trump brands.

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Vox: In search of Forrest Fenn’s treasure

A 5-day quest for $2 million hidden in the Rockies.

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Vox: Why Obamacare enrollees are getting ready for repeal

Meet 10 Affordable Care Act enrollees who were able to pursue nontraditional careers because of the law. Now that the law’s future is in jeopardy, many of them are rearranging their lives.

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Vox: Racial justice in the Trump era

Nine advocates and experts on the future of activism and equality.

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Vox: Dowry in modern India

A first-person story about dowry in modern India that explores how various factors like education, height and economic status affects dowry rates.

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Vox: President Trump's inauguration speech, annotated

President Donald Trump's full inaugural address, as annotated by Vox staff.

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Polygon: Final Fantasy 7 oral history

A 30k-word oral history of one of the most popular games ever made, Final Fantasy 7, just as the game approaches its 20th anniversary and a high-profile PlayStation 4 remake is in development.

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Polygon: A Final Fantasy 7-inspired trivia game

Inspired by and a companion to the oral history, this trivia game was created in partnership with American University's Game Lab and the JoLT Initiative, funded by Knight Foundation.

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Verge: Circuit Breaker Gadget Bot

A Facebook Messenger bot that brought info about the latest gadgets to The Verge audience during CES 2017.

Curbed: 10 Streets That Define America

An exhaustive look at the forces shaping our cities today: the regenerative power of small businesses, changes brought by new development, alternative transportation options, and rich, if burdensome, cultural legacies.

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Eater: How America Eats

Stories behind the way America eats today.

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Vox: The Trump Tax

The electoral penalty Republicans appear to be paying for nominating Trump.

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Racked: Reign, Supreme

How Supreme became the most important streetwear brand in the world.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton Interview

Ezra Klein draws out the deeper theories animating Clinton’s agenda.

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